“Sneffels: Embrace the Majestic Beauty of Colorado Living in this Exquisite Floor Plan.”

Introducing Sneffels, an embodiment of Colorado mountain living. Spanning 2,114 to 2,993 square feet, this floor plan offers 1 to 4 bedrooms and 1.5 to 3 bathrooms across 2+ floors. With an open loft design, an expansive master suite featuring a luxurious whirlpool bath, and a convenient garage-connected utility room, Sneffels blends space and ease. Choose a gas or electric fireplace reaching the ceiling for cozy ambiance. Experience the fusion of comfort, style, and functionality, as Sneffels becomes your mountain retreat amid Colorado’s beauty.

Floor Plans




Total: 2871
Main Floor: 2313
Second Floor: 558


Width: 60 ft
Depth: 44 ft


Beds: 4
Baths: 3
Office: 0


Garage: Optional
Foundation: Basement or Crawlspace

  • Loft open to below floorplan
  • Oversized master suite with whirlpool bath
  • Utility room entrance
  • Statement staircase
  • Gas or electric fireplace to ceiling

Popular Floor Plan Upgrades

  • Garages: Enhance the functionality and resale value of your home with a spacious garage. Not just for vehicles, modern garages often feature built-in storage solutions, workbenches, or even electric vehicle charging stations. Consider adding a two-car or three-car garage, or even opting for a tandem design for more depth.
  • Porches: The perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor enjoyment, porches can greatly improve curb appeal. Choose from a traditional front porch to welcome guests, a screened-in version for bug-free relaxation, or a wrap-around porch to maximize outdoor living space and offer panoramic views.

About Pricing

  • Base Price: The above home price includes the cost of the modular home built to the standard features from the top of foundation wall going vertical. This includes delivery and setup of the modular on the foundation. The foundation is not included, nor are the utility connections such as wells or septic. Those fall under the site development budget.
  • Site Development: Site development budget is not included in the base price of the modular home. Site development refers to the preparation of the land where your home is built. Garages or porches you may see in the renderings are not part of the base site construction. See Site Development for more info.
  • Travel Radius Surcharge: For properties situated beyond our standard 30-mile radius, there may be an increase in the base price. This increase is due to factors like additional travel time and other associated costs.
  • Regional Requirements: Some locations may have additional engineering requirements due to the location of the building site. For instance, areas prone to high winds or heavy snowfall may require special structural reinforcements or design modifications to ensure longevity and safety. Example: A house in a snowy mountain region might need a steeper roof pitch and additional roof supports to meet required snow loads. Click here to see where we build.